riverwest investments
River West Investments believes that progressive architecture and creative design are essential elements in the creation of long-term value.

It also understands the importance that these properties play in setting the standard for any development. Superior design attracts quality tenants and community support, resulting in exceptional economic performance.

The highest priority is given to exploring the unique characteristics of a property and the delicate relationship between building and community.

River West Investments communities have changed the standard of development in the Sacramento region. Laguna West's environmental design has changed the debate on suburban land use and stimulated a national discussion on how we can re-design suburbs to be more environmentally responsible.

River West Investments demonstrates its commitments with the planting of more than 40,000 trees.

The dedication of more than 700 acres of parklands and open space, the provision of a range of housing from low-income to custom homes, the adoption of strict architectural guidelines, the building and showcasing of energy-efficient homes with PG&E and SMUD, the design of state-of-the-art natural treatment of drainage waters, and the creation of jobs within walking distance of homes.

It has demonstrated that California can grow while being respectful of the environment. River West has created 28,000 jobs and won many awards, from recognition for preservation of trees to accolades for community artwork.